Krisztina Bordacs


Krisztina Bordacs is about to join the beautiful Yas yoga community in Reinach. She was born in Hungary, lived mostly in the US and UK and just recently moved to Basel with her family. She has been teaching yoga for over 15 years and has developed her own unique approach to yoga encompassing several styles. She originally trained in Ashtanga in the US, but then switched to Power/Vinyasa yoga to allow herself more creativity to design classes. During her 15 years in the UK, she has trained with Sri Pattabhi Jois, David Swenson and Shiva Rea just to name the few and successfully mixed the learnings into her style. In the last two years, she has been training with Richard Furgerson in Yin Yoga.

The fundamental principle in Krisztina's classes is Sati or self-awareness in the present moment, she allows you to work within your own limitations and will give inspiration and support when you feel ready move to the next level in your journey. As she suffered from a back injury and used yoga to heal, she has a very good understanding of body awareness and limitations. Krisztina is also an environmental sustainability professional and managed the incorporate principles from her professional life. As she used to say - 'Yoga and sustainability have a lot in common with the most important similarity being both are the journey through life as opposed to life's destination. And both share the basic principle 'yama' - ahimsa - non harming attitude.

She is looking forward to meet the each and every one of you in the yoga community here and hopes to guide you through your own journey and share hers with you.



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